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With BtcGratis.com, the idea is simple: We give you free Bitcoins! So you can get started with your own Bitcoin wallet immediately and start getting to know the wonderful world of this virtual currency.

How Can We Give Away Gratis Bitcoins?

It's a simple model called arbitrage. We hope that we make more from the advertising we sell on this site than what we spend in giving you in free Bitcoins.

There are of course a few things to know:

  • We give away a total of 15,500 Satoshi per hour!
  • You can get 500 (62.5%), 100 (31.2%), 10000 (6.2%) Satoshi every 60 minutes.
  • You will retrieve your gratis Bitcoins via FaucetBox once you have reached a treshold.

We hope you like our gratis Bitcoins - enjoy, and have fun!